Unleashing+ Your Dog's Potential

Unlock your dog’s joy, power, and balanced family relationships. Canine Charisma Unleashed is your pathway to a charismatic and obedient canine companion.

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Individual Lessons

Experience tailored one-hour coaching sessions at CCU, focusing on optimizing your dog’s genetic potential in tracking, obedience, and secondary protection.

Our board and train program centers on fostering foundational skills in dogs while educating families on maintaining and advancing this training.

Enjoy comprehensive two-hour lessons directly with Steve, arranged after consultation, to refine your dog’s skills in the comfort of your home environment.

Balanced Emphasis

Why We Are Different

At CCU, we believe in harnessing a dog’s genetic potential while maintaining a strong emphasis on control. This unique approach ensures that your dog embodies both charisma and obedience, striking the perfect balance between expression and discipline which includes the following:

Our commitment to excellence in training, family involvement, and long-term success sets us apart. We don’t just train dogs; we transform relationships and elevate the canine-human bond to new heights.


Meet The Owner

As a hobby to his career as an Investment Advisors, Steve’s family dogs have competed at the top levels of IGP, formerly known as Schutzhund and IPO, since the late 1990’s.  His first German Shepherd Dogm, “Elke” (Dina vom Leerburg), was high-in-trial at the 1998 American Working Dog Championships, one of the U.S.’ highest all-breed schutzhund competitions. 

More recently, G-Man (Girome von Schloss Berge) was a 2017 USA Team member to the WUSV in Tilberg Netherlands, placed 3rd at the 2016 USCA German Shepherd IPO National Championships (96-96 in the stadium), and 8th at the 2017 Nationals. G-man is the embodiment of the all-around working dog we strive to train and promote.

In addition to thousands of hours spent training his dogs, Steve is a graduate of the well-regarded NePoPo® Silver and Gold Schools.  Steve has also worked his dogs and attended in-depth seminars with world renown trainers from Germany, Canada, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, and the USA in tracking, obedience, protection, pointing dogs, and nose work.


Latest New And Achievements

G-Man placed 8th at the 2017 USCA German Shepherd IPO3 National Championship in Indianapolis IN

Big News – G-Man competed as a USA Team member at the 2017 WUSV Championships in TIlberg, Netherlands.

G-Man placed 6th at the 2017 WUSV Team Qualifier in Buffalo, NY (Top 20 GSDs Invited)

G-Man featured in Northwest Herald article about his preparation for the WUSV Qualifier.

Big News:  G-Man places 3rd at the 2016 USCA German Shepherd Dog IPO3 Championship in Merced, CA.


What Our Clients Say About Us

“Canine Charisma Unleashed has been a game-changer for us. Our once hyperactive pup was transformed into a disciplined, joyful companion thanks to their expertise. The personalized training sessions not only improved our dog’s behavior but also helped us understand our pet better. The progress we’ve witnessed is truly remarkable, and we’re immensely grateful to CCU for making such a positive impact on our furry family member’s life.”

Smith T.

“Enrolling our dog in CCU’s board and train program was one of the best decisions we made. Not only did our dog receive comprehensive training, but the program also educated us on how to maintain and reinforce these newfound skills. The team’s dedication to not just training dogs but empowering families was evident throughout. The ongoing support and guidance provided have set us on a path of continued success in our dog’s training journey.”

Jensen D.

“Transitioning our hunting dog between the field and home used to be a challenge until we discovered CCU. Their understanding of the unique dynamics involved in balancing a dog’s prowess in the field with household rules is unparalleled. Through a collaborative approach, CCU worked with us to integrate training principles seamlessly into our everyday life. Now, our dog effortlessly navigates both worlds, and family life has become more harmonious, thanks to CCU’s thoughtful training approach.”

Parker J.

“Steve and the CCU team’s expertise shine through in every lesson. The dedication, passion, and knowledge they bring to the table are truly commendable. Our dog’s transformation under their guidance has been incredible. Not only has our pet’s behavior improved significantly, but our understanding of effective training methods has also expanded. We’re sincerely grateful for the positive change CCU has brought to our dog’s life and our family dynamics.”

Brown A.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach focuses on maximizing your dog’s genetic potential while maintaining control, ensuring a balanced and charismatic

Our on-site lessons run for one hour, while at-home sessions are approximately two hours in duration.

We offer on-leash and off-leash options, aiming to instill foundational skills while guiding families on continued training post-program.

The basic “on-leash” program spans four weeks, while the advanced “off-leash” training extends to six weeks.


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