Board and Train


Optimizing Family Dynamics

Optimizing a dog’s life within a family is the focus of our board and train program, both in clearly providing dogs foundation skills and in teaching families how best to maintain and even advance the training themselves.  The full benefits of a board and train program are only realized with families are committed to working with their dogs on a consistent basis into the future.  It’s both needed to maintain your dogs training and also great exercise and fun.

Attention Hunting Dog Owners:  Hunters look for dogs with the spirit and energy to work independently in the field.  Unfortunately, these same qualities can lead to frustration with their family when rules at home are not clearly communicated.  CCU works with the entire family to make them part of the training team and design a set of home rules, commands and games to make family life more enjoyable while not conflicting with the dog’s skills and commands in the field.  

  • $3,500 for basic “on-leash” board and train – 4 weeks
  • $4,500 for the advanced “off-leash” board and train 6 weeks
  • Payment is due at or prior to drop-off

All Board and Train clients receive a Mini Educator Remote Collar ($200 value)